CSCI 424/524: Computer Architecture, Fall 2022

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Prerequisite(s): CSCI 304 and either CSCI 301 or CSCI 303. Experience with Python programming is desired (equivalent to CSCI 140/141). If you do not have python programming experience, please talk to the instructor.

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Grading (524 students)

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Semester-long Project


The lecture slides of this course are developed based on the original lecture slides from Mary. J. Irwin (Penn State) and Computer Organization and Design, 5th Edition, Patterson & Hennessy (P&H), Morgan Kaufmann. The course staff also acknowledges the contributions of Mary. J. Irwin, Chita Das, Yuan Xie, N. Vijaykrishnan, and other instructors and TAs at Penn State, towards developing the course material over a period of time.

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