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Breaking the Memory Wall in Current and Emerging Accelerators (Slides)

Understanding and Addressing Throughput and Security Trade-offs in GPU-based Systems (Slides)

Memory Bandwidth Management for Enhanced Throughput and Security in GPUs (Slides)

Breaking the Memory Bandwidth Wall in GPUs

The Future of Parallel Computing with GPUs (Abstract)

Application-aware Memory System for Fair and Efficient Execution of Concurrent GPGPU Applications
(GPGPU@ASPLOS 2014), Salt Lake City, UT [Talk (PPTX)]

Orchestrated Scheduling and Prefetching for GPGPUs
(ISCA 2013), Tel Aviv, Israel [Talk (PPTX)]

OWL: Cooperative Thread Array Aware Scheduling Techniques for Improving GPGPU performance
(ASPLOS 2013), Houston, TX [Talk (PPTX)]

Cache Revive: Architecting Volatile STT-RAM Caches for Enhanced Performance in CMPs
(DAC 2012, San Francisco, CA) and (IUCRC NEXYS Workshop, Pittsburgh, PA) [Talk (PPTX)] [Poster]